Inspiretochangeworld was established in 2015 to make people aware of the realities of this world. How we have been manipulated by the media, corporation’s, government, religion, culture, society, law everything around us for their own Benefit’s & making us slave of the financial system.

From starting i always felt something was wrong with this world & there was this feeling coming from inside of me telling me everything is not what it seems like, something was missing & then after lot of thinking & questioning everything around me every day for few years, I realized I was missing, who truly I was when I was born, pure consciousness, pure love, completely like Buddha.

We all are born as Buddha, but as we grow up, our mind’s are filled with all the garbage of this world & then we change. Once we become adult’s, we forget everything who we were truly when we were born, so after a lot of thinking & questioning, I realized everything what it’s all about & got awakened, so I created this site to inspire people to question everything & be awakened through videos & articles.

It’s time for revolution & we should all come together & change our ways of thinking to make this world a better place to live in & to live a life of joy & happiness as individuals because we have only this little planet we call earth as our home. There are many planets in this big universe, but in the end, we only wish to go to our home.

With Love,
Sudarshan Singh Salaria


(Founder & Editor of InspireToChangeWorld)