Ever since Vladimir Putin took office in March 2000, Russia has undergone significant changes. Seen as a man who could “unify” Russia, Vladimir Putin has enjoyed enormous popularity.

Putin has enjoyed consistently high rankings and the continued support of the majority of his country’s population, as well as that of the country’s military, political, and economic elites. There are straightforward explanations for such strong support. His government’s control of practically all major media outlets; the craf ting of an image by portraying himself as a patriotic and unshakable president, with unmatchable athletic ability; his success in silencing and marginalizing practically all opposition; and other factors like his successful exploitation of the patriotism rooted in the Russian psyche have helped sustain his success.

He is among the more popular democratically elected leaders in the civilized world and, incidentally, a hero to certain right-wing rebels against the international order, particularly in Europe.

Watch this excellent documentary on Putin’s journey as the President of Russia.




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