There will be no war with Russia, China OR North Korea.

North Korea is “required” to keep South Korea and Japan in line. The thought of North Korea being attacked is a joke. But thats not stopping idiots from spreading the hippopotamus poo.

The DMZ is 20km from Seoul. War means the destruction of Seoul. North Korea, like Iran has miles of tunnels in it’s mountain system and ballistic missiles. North Korea is a bad joke. It is “paid” to behave like an idiot.

North Korea is TOTALLY under the control of China and China does as it is told. Chines exchanged $6 Trillion of concrete “goods and services” to the United States in exchange for worthless “US Treasury Bonds” – “bits of paper”. So, who is the “dick”? I tell ya what, YOU give me $5000 in laptops and mobile phones. I’ll write on a piece of paper…maybe put a pretty gold edge on it – “IOU $5000”. You are 5ft2 and 120 pounds. I am 6ft and 200 pounds. I am armed to the teeth. Who is the sucker? I don’t bother paying it back. What ya gonna do about it?

China is TOTALLY dependent on the west. Wall Street can collapse the Chinese stock market in 20 seconds. China can barely feed it’s people. It can barely provide them with enough water. In fact, China is in a water crisis. It can barely control it’s population who are pissed off.China has 10,000 man “police divisions” to keep order in the central provinces. China has been “kill switched” by Israel.

Does anyone SERIOUSLY think all these leaders with their expensive weekend retreats, mistresses, expensive cars, hookers and private jets are going to risk a nuclear war? I mean, seriously. They have to live here.

The soul aim of this bullshit theater is to get YOU into line. To scare YOU to death and keep you distracted. People are waking up – not just to Israel – but to EVERYTHING. YOU must be put in your place and Donald “serial rapist” Trump is a part of that and most likely always was. We were Trumped.

The Middle East conflict will be contained. They are ALL in on it. This is ALL agreed. In two weeks, most likely less, Assad will be asked to leave by PUTIN. In the interests of…”peace”. He will be retired to a Chateau in France with a nice Swiss bank account.

Syria will be split into three. Deaths will be limited to Shia and Sunni Muslims killing each other because Netanyahu gets off on that. No precious white people will die. Relax. Just the usual brown people. You should all be used to it by now.

Once Syria is broken up, Hizbollah will be cut off from Iran. Israel will go to work on Hizbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. However, it may be that they get the US to threaten Iran back into it’s box first. If that does not work then a “false flag” will have to be carried out. Provoke Iran to attack a carrier OR, a false flag IN Israel. Maybe drop a bomb on a Jewish Day School and kill 200 kids. That will be enough to nuke Iran with tactical s they dress up as “MOAB” cover stories.

Raytheon and Elbit Systems will be throwing giant parties.

The final aim – “cleans” the Gaza Strip completely – under the cloak of war and lots of dead jews…or the “appearance” of dead jews as they are experts now at the old crisis actors. The West Bank is finished anyway – completely broken up. Israel will just throw everyone over the border into Jordan but they must have a giant excuse to do it so there will have to be alot of “dead jews” or at least the appearance of “dead jews”. The word “HolocaustTM” will get alot of use.

Everyone go back to sleep. Its business as usual.

The Yinon Plan unfolds.

There is NO double cross coming from Donald trump. He is owned %100 by Bi Bi and always was.



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