Emmanuel Macron absolutely demolished far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election. Trump supporters aren’t taking it well.

Le Pen was widely viewed as the French counterpart to President Donald Trump, who endorsed her prior to the first round of voting. She ran on a far-right platform of leaving the European Union, closing France’s borders off from immigrants and refugees, and made Islamophobia a centerpiece of her campaign, blaming the global Islamic community for a recent spate of Islamic extremist terror attacks in France. Le Pen has vowed to start her own party and campaign for the presidency again in 2022.

While Trump was at least gracious enough to say he would work with President-elect Macron in a tweet on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are now predictably condemning France as eternally doomed for embracing multiculturalism and welcoming in refugees from war-torn regions. However, it’s important to remember that Le Pen supporters are in the minority, as she only managed to capture just over a third of all votes in Sunday’s election.

Here are some of the more vile responses from Trump supporters in response to Macron’s overwhelming victory. In a shocking twist that should surprise no one, some of the most despicable responses were in a Breitbart Twitter thread about Le Pen’s loss:




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