All women and children have been evacuated from militant-controlled parts of eastern Aleppo, and only radicals now remain there, the Russian Defense Ministry confirms. The militants that remain have been firing at the Syrian forces.

“All women and children who were in militant-controlled districts have been evacuated.

“The operation of the Russian Center for Reconciliation to evacuate militants and their families from the eastern districts of Aleppo is now complete,” the center, with the aim to bring about peace between the warring parties in Syria, said in a statement.

Watch militants pull out of eastern Aleppo by night (VIDEO)

It added that over 4,500 militants have been evacuated along with their families, as well as 337 wounded.

A total of over 9,500 people have been moved out of the rebel-held eastern Aleppo since the operation was launched on Thursday.

The evacuees from the last convoy told authorities that everyone who wanted to leave the rebel-held area had done so.

“In some areas, there are still groups of militants from radical and irreconcilable gangs, who are firing at Syria troops,” the statement noted. It added that Syrian Army units are continuing the liberation of the militant-held districts of the city.

According to the latest figures from the Russian Defense ministry, only 2 percent of Aleppo is still controlled by militants.

Earlier reports said that the militants opened fire on one of the сonvoys that was taking citizens out of eastern Aleppo and attempted to take hostages. A source in the militia headquarters also reportedly told Reuters that the rebels have evacuated everyone they planned to evacuate, and those who stayed did so to fight.

“Those who stayed refused to leave and took up defense. The proof of their decision to stay is the [recent] shelling of a number of civilian neighborhoods,” the source is cited as saying.




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