Former U.S. ambassador to the UN and Trump’s possible deputy secretary of state says Germany has legally admitted at least 16,000 terrorists.

John Bolton, who has been mentioned as a serious contender for Donald Trump’s deputy secretary of state, said that German Chancellor Angel Merkel had exposed Germany to the risk of terrorism.

Bolton spoke in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, the day after an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin killed 12 and injured 48.

“By her unilateral action in allowing this wave of refugees to come into Europe, she definitely exposed Germany, and others, to the risk of terrorism,” said Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Bolton told Fox News that Merkel has officially admitted some 800,000 refugees so far, but many more have entered Germany. He cited a Lebanese cabinet member’s estimate that about 2% of all those let in would be terrorists, and concluded that Germany has legally admitted at least 16,000 terrorists.

Bolton also said it was “highly likely” that the assassin of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was “part of a larger chain,” according to the Politico website. He said that if this is found to be the case, “then the Russians will kill somebody.”
He said he expects Russia to retaliate in this way, or do even more, in response. He declined to say how he thought Trump would respond to the situation.




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