Carl Sagan explores the concept of a universe that was not made for human beings. In it, he compares our historical understanding of the world through mediums like religion to scientific facts.

Humans are just a tiny part of this universe, we are not that much special as we think we are, we are just a ignorant species, which think’s the universe is there because of us.

We humans make our own meanings. Yet many people on Earth wrongly believe that the meaning of their lives is to be found in some supposedly holy scripture or spiritual teaching.

Rather than seek truth that can be tested, verified, and confirmed through rigorous methods in tune with the scientific method, these religious fundamentalists take the easy way out by assuming that some prophet, savior, guru, or other messenger of the divine/God knows what ultimate reality is like, so there’s no need to seek out the hard truth Sagan speaks of.

Which may not be pleasant, comforting, ego-gratifying, or capable of producing a warm feeling of “I am a special beloved of God.”

Carl Sagan’s video reminded me of those days, when I sat in my room learning about how the natural world really was — not how people wanted it to be.

Yes, hard truth is better than reassuring faith. We need to embrace real “Truth,” not the fake variety.




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