Unfortunately for Hillary, her earlier coughing fit was not a lone wolf attack. Right in the middle of her “Russia-Trump Conspiracy” lecture to reporters aboard her plan, she was forced to cut short her story by another “seasonal allergy” attack (odd aboard was is likely a heavily filtered air cabin), retreating to the safety of the front seats withe the reappearance of her African American ‘handler’ once again.

Upon her return she explained that “we went back and checked and this happens to me every Labor day.” Which seems odd… one assumes that any ill-timed meeting of world-leaders will have to take place in a hermetically-sealed room from now on…

As we detailed earlier… It’s probably nothing, or maybe it isn’t?

As Hillary Clinton began her speech at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio this afternoon, the democratic presidential candidate suffered what MSNBC anchor Ari Melber described as “one of the worst coughing fits I have ever seen.” She coughed and cleared her throat through over 4 minutes of almost incoherent babble before MSNBC cut away, joking that hillary had quipped “every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

We are not so sure she can just blame this away on Trump however.

Should we be worried about this 69-year-old woman?

And just as she started another unprecedented coughing fit again, MSNBC cuts away to spare the public (around 4:45)

Is it such a conspiracy theorist comment to question just how her health is? Has anyone got an EpiPen?

Hillary Clinton Cough Compilation:




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