ELFE – the world’s first flashlight, powered by the energy of electromagnetic field of the Earth! It has no battaries and you will never change them! If the light emitted is dimmed, just turn the ELFE off for a while, and it will restore its energy levels to full from the environment!

ELFE is the only world flashlight, powered by free environmental energy.

ELFE is equipped with powerful 3W diode, providing steady light flow of 120 lm.
The major difference of ELFE is that it has no batteries in the usual sense. ELFE is operated on the environmental energy, derived from the magnet field of Earth.

Principle of operation

Optimal time-of-use is 2-3 hours per day. Such operation conditions allow accumulator to obtain sufficient charge for the next day and emit maximum light flow. In case of emergency, you can use ELFE uninterruptedly for up to 12 hours, but please, be advised, that light intensity will be declining in time, and accumulator will require longer timeframe of up to 2 weeks to recover its energy level to full. If you will use ELFE continuously for several successive days, such operating conditions can cause critical and irrevocable consequences for accumulator, leading to inability of being charged at all.


  • Power Source: ADGEX Accumulator, converting energy of magnet field of Earth, solar waves, industrial and natural electromagnet disturbances.
  • LED: 3 Watts
  • Dimensions: 55mm (head diameter) / 21 mm (body diameter) / 210 mm (length)
  • Weight: 240 g.
  • Flashlight body is made of aluminium alloy
  • Shock resistance: up to 1.5 meters dropping shock resistance
  • IP64 protection rating (Protected from total dust ingress and water spray from any direction)

Characteristics of luminous flux




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