Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al Jubeir, held talks with the Senegalese president Augustin Tine, during an official visit to the poverty-stricken western African country.

Al Jubeir was received by the Senegalese Minister of Defense, with whom he held a secret meeting later on.

According to, Israel has encouraged its oil-rich Saudi ally to find out more African allies in its interminable conflict in neighboring Yemen, and curb the increasing influence of Iran in the African continent.

Mr. al-Jubeir has allegedly conveyed a message from the Saudi ambitious minister of war, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, luring the desperate and destitute African nation into joining the war by promising unimaginable sums of money,

Saudi Arabia is looking for further 5,000 Senegalese child soldiers–each soldier shall receive $ 5.000 per month, a mouth-watering offer —to initiate the ultimate decisive battle for Sana’a (the Yemeni capital city) in order to recapture it from Yemeni revolutionaries.





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