Fresh reports have appeared that the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted heavy air strikes in the area where the Mi-8 helicopter had been shot downed by the Army of Conquest (Jaish al-Fatah). According to pro-jihadists sources, Russian air strikes were targeted the militant-held areas of Abu Dhuhur and Tell Tawkan.

On August 1, the militants shot downed a Russian Mi-8 helicopter that was delivering humanitarian aid to Aleppo cityPhoto inside cabin of the downed Mi-8AMTSh.It use to be a transport ambulance helicopter:


Meanwhile, south of Aleppo City, the Syrian army has succesfully counter-attacked along the road between Hakima School and the 1070 Apartment Project. The counter-attack was supported by massive air raids of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Air Force.

The ANNA News video (above) depicts Syrian army units inside the 1070 Apartment Project that are saving civilians and preparing to develop the counter-attack in order to reverse the gains of the joint jihadi forces. The ANNA News journalist said that up to 5000 militants oppose the Syrian army in the area. According to him, the Syrian government deployed enough troops and military equipment for the successfull operation.

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