If only half of American people see this video, Trump will crush Hillary in November.

Look how great this video is!

Here is real Trump folks, not the monster democrats are trying to make from him with the vicious attacks for months!

Hillary made a 45 minute speech yesterday accusing Donald Trump of being a racist.


Funny, the biggest race baiter in America is shown here in the late 90s, praising Trump for working with his Rainbow coalition helping black people to get jobs in New York.

If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are not accusing him, you can bet TRUMP IS NOT A RACIST.

This is the oldest argument that Democrats use to cover their KKK history.

Look at that sincere hug, look at that respect and love between Trump and the black legendary leaders.How can someone make up this, Trump is not an actor, he is straight guy, what he thinks, he do, this is a pure gold for him!

This should be an TV ad for him and should be shown all over America!

We need as his followers to help him to spread the truth all over internet. We are his army, we fight for us, for America!

Donald Trump Great Interview Answers – Over 30 Years!

VOTE Donald J. Trump & STOP Crooked Hillary Clinton!




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