US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s increasingly hysterical attacks on both her political opponent Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin could lead to her launching a new world war, analysts told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Thursday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News in an interview that Clinton’s campaign was full of anti-Russia hysteria as the Democrats were trying to undermine the campaign of their opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s malicious Putin-baiting goes beyond an attack on Trump,”US scientist and political commentator John Walsh said on Friday. “She has linked Trump’s alleged racism to Putin’s ‘extreme nationalism,’ calling Putin the ‘godfather’ of an international racist movement.”

Walsh pointed out that the demonization and de-legitimization of a major world leader that Clinton was attempting against Putin amounted to preparing American public opinion to accept a full-scale war on Russia if she is elected US president on November 8.

“Add to this her labelling of Putin as Hitler, and you have a call for a new World War,” Walsh noted. “After all, what does one do with a Hitler except go to war with him and destroy him — and his country?”

Walsh also observed that current US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland who was taped in 2014 discussing an alternative government for Ukraine had been Clinton’s protege during her four years as secretary of state.
“Hillary Clinton’s agent, the neocon Victoria Nuland, has been doing her best to gin up a war between Russia and Ukraine, ultimately to be a war between Russian and Europe,” he recalled.

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Clinton’s campaign rhetoric was therefore part of a clear, deliberate plan to stir up a full-scale war in Europe after she becomes president, Walsh warned.
“Hillary Clinton’s rants are not merely campaign words but part of a design to foment another major war on the Eurasian land mass from which island America emerges untouched with all rivals reduced to rubble,” he predicted.

Walsh added that he expected Clinton to claim that, if she defeats Trump in November, her victory would give her the public support she required to launch a full-scale war.

“Hillary Clinton will claim that a victory over Trump… will give her a mandate to go to war,” he cautioned.

US historian and analyst Patrick Smyth added that Clinton’s anti-Russian and anti-Putin rhetoric and her attacks on Trump were seeking to create a new popular hysteria among the American people comparable to the Joe McCarthy era in the 1950s.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “is perfectly correct. Secretary Clinton, who is prominent among those responsible for conjuring the Russophobia that now grips the American public, now seeks to harness it to her political purposes,” Smyth noted.

Clinton sought to win the November election by tying Trump to the anti-Russian passions she was deliberately stirring up, Smyth observed.

“Clinton’s campaign has actually tied her opponent to this near-hysteria,” he said.

Americans were in danger of succumbing to a 21st century variant of the blinding anti-Communism characteristic during the worst of the Cold War decades, Smyth




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