• Jews bombed King David Hotel at 1946 and killed hundreds of innocent people and blamed to Muslims to make Muslims look bad worldwide and for first time the expression word “terrorist” was used! Jews invented terrorism by themselves!

• September 11 (9/11) American Massacre, over 3000 innocent Americans were killed by the JEWS on American homeland. After Jews blamed to innocent Muslims by creating a fake persona called “Osama” and until then no Muslims knew who Osama was! Most probably Osama was President Obama because all the indications show that Obama was playing role of Osama because the name Osama and Obama can’t be blind coincidence! On September 11, No Jew went work accept they all got their cameras to film how Americans are killed in WTC and Building 7!

• 1954 operation Susana called Lavon affair, attacking innocent Muslims in the Hebron Mosque with automatic machine guns open fire on Muslim crowd while they were worshiping to GOD, Jews murdered over 300 Muslims and over 100 wounded in the mosque during their prayer time.

• Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine Holocausts, WWII and Middle East Chaos, Global Economy Crises are cause by the Jews

• US Liberty Attack 167 34 Americans killed and hundreds wounded by the Jews! Murdering Jesus, Murdering JFK and his son JFK Junior and his sister and wife, Murdering Michael Jackson and other millions are all were killed by the JEWS!

• Between 1946 and 1948 Jewish terrorists completely destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages! Millions of innocent men, women, babies, homes destroyed! This is a biggest holocaust on the face of earth! No American, No German, No British, No French nor anyone else stopped Israel! WHY?



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