Neo-conservatists, who once supported former Republican US President George W. Bush, are now supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, says an analyst.

“The Democratic Party… was greatly concerned about Bernie Sanders at the very beginning of his campaign when he was only polling 6 percent because they knew that Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate,” Rodney Martin, a former US congressional staffer, told Press TV on Wednesday.

Martin said Clinton is “bought and paid for” and has “tremendous neocon support.”

“There is no difference between Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush,” he added.

“It’s a tremendous revelation that many of the George W. Bush neocons are now supporting Hillary Clinton, including very prominent Marine General John Allen, and they are all trumpeting this re-engagement against Iran, re-engagement on a very hyper-militaristic level in the Middle East,” the analyst said.

Asked about the allegations that Russia is trying to sway US presidential election, Martin said US officials are always looking for a “bogeyman.”

“They are basically trumpeting this concept that Russia is wanting to influence US elections, it’s their way of again trying to re-ignite this cold-war mentality,”

On Friday, the WikiLeaks website released about 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Convention, which showed that party leaders had purportedly sought to undermine the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are pressuring the White House to publicly name Moscow as the source of the leaks, according to the CNN.

US President Barack Obama said it is “possible” that Moscow was behind hacking the DNC.




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