An American writer and political analyst says if Hillary Clinton gets elected president of the United States, she will do the Empire’s bidding and push towards war with Russia or China.

Patrick Daniel Welch told Press TV on Thursday that the United States will have to launch a nuclear war against Russia in order to impose what it is trying to achieve in Syria, where the US and and its regional allies been fighting a proxy war against the government of President Bashar al-Assad since March 2001.

US Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday warned the Syrian president of the consequences of a new US approach if he does not accept a political transition in the next few months.

“The target date for the transition is 1st of August,” Kerry told reporters at the State Department. “So we’re now coming up to May. So either something happens in these next few months, or they are asking for a very different track.”

‘Assad must go mantra’

“This is the clearest indication yet that the US just cannot and will not change its tune. It’s like a one trick pony, or one note symphony,” said Welch.

“And it’s the most bellicose, most overtly bellicose they have been like since the ceasefire anyway; they always keep coming back to this one thing that Assad must go – this same tired mantra that they have been pushing for five years since they decided to stage a coup in Syria,” he added.

“The really ugly thing that they just think they have the right to do this – the God-given right to march into other people’s country, and overthrow their government,” he stated.

“If they can’t have what they want, then they will destroy your country. They don’t care about election. I mean look at this: They completely ignore the fact that there were elections in Syria. And there were just parliamentary elections as well. There’s an enormous support for Bashar al-Assad,” the analyst noted.

Syrians want Assad to lead them

“The people of Syria want Bashar al-Assad to lead them. This is completely clear, and open, and honest. And the Americans want to completely ignore that along with their lackey, vassal states in Europe. And they want to fund, and arm and train a killing machine to get rid of someone they don’t like,” Welch said.

“The sad part is that it gets worst. We’re now having elections in the US. Who are the Americans to complain against anyone’s elections if they have this absolutely awful system that couldn’t even pass muster for international monitoring group?” he noted.

US set to elect puppet

“We’re going to elect another puppet, and if it’s Clinton, of course, it’s going to be much worse. It could not be more eager and willing, I would say rabid sock puppet for Empire,” Welch said.

“This woman has never met a war she didn’t like, and is completely soulless, and will do the bidding of the Empire to push us towards a war with Russia and/or China. That’s who she is, and that’s what the danger in this selection process is,” he pointed out.

Assad and Russians won’t budge

“Coming back to Syria, it’s a very serious situation. But of course the Russians are in partnership with the Syrian state, and protecting the government. They’re already there. John Kerry can whine now if he wants, but they will have to risk a nuclear war in order to impose what they’re trying to do in Syria,” the commentator said.

“I think it’s a lot of bluster. I hope I am right thinking that they’ll pull back from this brinkmanship, but Assad and Russians are certainly not going to budge. Why should they?” he asked.

“So if Clinton gets in there, you’re going to see all hell break loose,” he said in his concluding remarks.

Five-year-long proxy war 

The years-long conflict in Syria has left more than 470,000 Syrians dead and half of the country’s population of about 23 million displaced within or beyond the Arab country’s borders.

In September 2014, the US and some of its allies started conducting airstrikes inside Syria against Daesh terrorists, many of whom were initially trained by the CIA to fight against the Syrian government. However, observers say the attacks did little damage to the terrorists; rather, they targeted the country’s infrastructure.

Washington has also deployed dozens of special forces to eastern Syria in what it claims is an effort to shore up local militant groups against Daesh.

In September of last year, Russia launched its own air offensive against the terrorists who were still wreaking havoc in Syria. The Russian campaign, analysts say, has broken the backbone of ISIL and other militants, and has provided the Assad government an opportunity to defeat the foreign-sponsored terrorist onslaught.




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