ALEPPO: The Western Media doesn’t want to talk about this.  But, it’s true.  The Saudis pretend it can’t happen. The Erdoghani Turks pretend they’re fighting terrorists and watch helplessly as the Syrian Army takes care of their business.

The terrorist forces in Aleppo are starving.  Their medical situation is grim, at best.  4,000 newly injected rodents from Turkey have not been able to penetrate Syrian Army lines and are marginalized outside the city, evidently unaware that the final push is about to start.  Once Aleppo is liberated, there will be no point in continuing that charade in Geneva.


Putin tried to send a message of peace to the so-called “opposition”.  With a cease fire in place, it behooved the exiled and impotent Saudi-financed traitors to perhaps find some modus vivendi with the government in Damascus.  Instead, they pursued the same knuckle-headed bedouin-minded policy of demanding the impossible – the ouster of the Assad government.  Now that Putin understands the inability of the opposition to absorb reality, the decision has been made to go for it all at once.

Some media in the West claim that the Syrian government and its supporters in Russia never had the intention of abiding by any cease fire or negotiating in good faith at Geneva.  The West confounded logic by asserting that the Syrian military used the short, two-month respite from hostilities to reorganize and resupply.  Interestingly, in Syria, the military has taken the position that the cease fire was a bad idea from the start because it gave the terrorists and their supporters time to build up their capabilities in order to block the SAA advances at the crucial city of Aleppo.  Whatever the case may be, the cease fire is at an end and the grim business of eradicating the pestilence in the north is proceeding apace.


Al-Raashideen:  This large suburb is in ruins and very few humans live inside it at present.  Yesterday, the Syrian Army moved decisively into Block 4 and is involved at present in an intense battle with terrorist rodents who have almost run out of ammunition.  Monitored terrorist chatter describes an hopeless situation with “jihadists” asking their litter-mates to pray for them since they are about to die.  Morituri, sort of.  Their prayers will be answered soon enough.  The bearded nihilists are being hit with everything from mortars, rockets and bombers.  It is impossible for them to survive.

In point of fact, a look at the map will disclosed the near complete encirclement of Aleppo.  Any news source which speaks of a narrow channel for resupply is lying.  It’s over and all corridors into the city have been closed.

The West continues to spew nonsense.  With no credible evidence of chemical weapons use by a Syrian government which has been confirmed to have cooperated completely with the Russian-inspired policy of CW divestiture, the Western Media has turned to inventing lies about Russian or Syrian Air Force bombing of “hospitals” in “terrorist-controlled areas” of the city. What benefit to the propaganda media is unclear since nobody is interested in an actual ground invasion of Syria.

The field hospital in Al-Sukkari largely run by the terrorist-supporting gangsters at Doctors Without Borders was hit because it was being used by Alqaeda to hide weapons and terrorists.  It was not a pediatric hospital by any means.  It was a haven for murderers.  All scenes showing children inside the terrorist field hospital are taken from archival photos.  There are no pediatricians there.  There are only wounded terrorists who must die anyways.

Bashar Murtada shows us how civilians
are being murdered by Obama’s freaks:


The terrorists have received more lethal weapons and they’re using it against innocent civilians.  The day before yesterday, they deliberately targeted areas of the city known for their large minority populations.  Quarters likeAl-‘Azeeziyya, Mogambo and Sulaymaaniyya received some direct hits.  This has been calculated by the Syrian military.  It is known that the terrorists will often fire at civilians in secure zones as a way to respond to the army’s constant advances on the ground.  It is a price the population of Aleppo has to pay in order to be rid of the plague spread by Obama.

The highway which circles the city is under complete army control.  The process of liberating Aleppo is now strictly defined by slow strangulation.  The Kuwayris air base is operating at a very high level with bombers and helicopters taking off and landing every ten minutes.  Access to the base is unimpeded.

During the last 3 days of fighting, the Syrian Army with Russian help has killed over 200 rodents with hundreds known to be wounded and without any hope of medical care.  Doctors inside government-held areas are warned not to leave their areas for any reason.  There is a fear that doctors are being targeted for kidnaping by the terrorists in order to compel them to treat wounded rodents.  Doctors are being told that if they travel about the city, they do so at their own risk.  Doctors are also not allowed to transport drugs or anything which might help wounded rats.

The cease fire in Aleppo has failed because the terrorist groups cooperated with Nusra/Alqaeda by giving the Saudi-financed terrorist gang cover.  Since Alqaeda and ISIS are not a part of the cessation of hostilities agreement, the group had to find a way to both maneuver around the northern territories while being protected under the agreement.  Both the Syrian and Russian governments began to pick up on this stratagem and viewed it as delusionary.  Russia is now seeking the concurrence of the U.N.S.C. in the inclusion of Jaysh Al-Islam and Ahraar Al-Shaam as excluded groups.

Interestingly,  the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced today a cease fire for 24 hours in the East Ghoutaa.  They also announced a cease fire for 72 hours in Latakia.  I have no explanation why this agreement released to the media.

Afraa Dagher tells us about Aleppo here

Very important ‪‎video‬, from the ground, you will not see this in the mainstream media, ‪‎Aleppo‬ the historical city, the beautiful Syrian city, is under daily attack of the US backed moderate terrorists, terrorists sponsored by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi. The so-called ‪‎cease‬-fire which the delegation of Saudi, asked for in Geneva‬ talks, was just for providing those terrorists by more weapons to bomb Syrians.
Another point i discussed here is that is the whole of Syria is under ‪‎Siege‬ , because of the west ‪‎Sanctions‬, most of Syrians now are under ‪#‎poverty‬level.

The last point i mentioned here, is the ‪‎ideology‬ of ‪‎Saudi‬ Arabia which is same the one of “ISIS” , ‪‎Saudis‬ who used refugee girls for sex, So the so-called ISIS is just Saudi backed terrorists. Please watch and share this #video, Please save Syria.

The following video is by Syrian Journalist and Political Activist Afraa Dagher who gives us here a very critial update about what is….REALLY going on in Syria. Here she speaks specifically about the Syrian city Aleppo and all the ISIS rocket attacks that have taken place there wounding and killing many innocent civilians.




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