The Saudi Royal Air Force carried out a large number of airstrikes in northern Yemen on Monday, hitting several densely populated areas with their indiscriminate bombs that were allegedly intended for the Houthi forces.

According to a local military source from the Yemeni Republican Guard, the Saudi Air Force struck the densely populated area of Bani Yousif on Monday afternoon, killing two dozen civilians and wounding several others in the process.

Among the dead civilians from the Saudi airstrike in Bani Yousif were 8 women and 9 children – no Houthi or Yemeni Army soldiers were reportedly killed.

However, the Saudi Air Force did not stop there, they would launch a number of airstrikes over the cities of Taiz, Dhubab, Saada, and Sanaa as well, killing dozens of civilians with their indiscriminate bombing.

The death toll in Yemen has now exceeded over 9,000 civilians, with the overwhelming majority killed by the Saudi Air Force.




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