Washington’s support for Riyadh’s decision to put boots on the ground in Syria indicates a failure of US policies in the West Asian region, “beyond any doubt,” a top Iranian military commander stated.

Iranian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi slammed the US for backing Saudi Arabia’s “malicious” activities, amid Riyadh’s announcement of its preparedness to send ground forces to Syria.

“US Defense Secretary [Ashton] Carter is supporting and provoking the House of Saud to march to the war [in Syria]. This is an indication that he is at a loss. It also proves beyond any doubt that they have failed,” Firouzabadi claimed on Monday, in response to the Saudi announcement.

Firouzabadi added that the continuous political defeats of the Saudis in the international arena, alongside their support for terrorism and the current low price of oil, have hit the kingdom hard.

He asserted that the “evil triangle of the US, the Zionist regime [Israel] and Al Saud” creates turmoil in West Asia and North Africa, and that no Muslim country is safe.

“The Quds occupying regime [Israel] is also at loss and fuming. Together with their American and Saudi counterparts they are flogging the dead horse, but they know they are going nowhere,” he said, referring to a planned ground intervention in Syria.

Firouzabadi added the only way to have peace in Muslim countries is to prevent Americans and their allies from meddling in the internal affairs of the nations in the region.

“The House of Saud and the United States have no other option but to let go of aggression, bloodshed and empty threats against the regional states. They should also change course to help restore regional peace and stability,” he said.

The deployment of Saudi Arabian ground troops in Syria could lead to the destabilization of the global oil market, a senior Russian lawmaker said Monday.

Saudi Ground Operation in Syria Could Destabilize Global Oil Market – Russian Lawmaker

On February 4 Riyadh announced its readiness to take part in any US-led alliance operations in Syria, including a ground offensive. Shortly after the statement, a US State Department representative praised the Saudi move.

Following the statements, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem condemned the announcement, saying that a “ground intervention on Syrian territory without government authorization would amount to an aggression that must be resisted.”Source



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