Over the last six months, the Arihant nuclear submarine has passed all the tests, including deep sea dive and missile firing, according to a source.

India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile, US Looks the Other Way (© AP PHOTO/ AJIT KUMAR)

NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — India’s first nuclear submarine Arihant has been successfully tested and is ready for operations, media reported Tuesday.

“It has passed all tests and in many things has surpassed our expectations. Technically the submarine can now be commissioned at any time,” a senior official was quoted as saying by The Economic Times.

The tests took place off Vishakhapatnam port on the eastern coast of India. The Arihant was accompanied by the Russian rescue ship Epron.

The Arihant submarine will become India’s first nuclear submarine of its own production.

Constructing a submarine is an extremely complex process. In order to ensure this submarine remains fully functional, the services of a hyperbaric welder will be required.

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