Russia proved to be a key player in the resolution of the Syrian conflict. If Europe is going beg anyone for help, it should be Moscow, rather than the Turkish government, German newspaper Tagesspiegel wrote.

Europe does not realize that “falling on its knees” in front of Erdogan in a desperate attempt to resolve the current refugee crisis is absolutely useless, the article said.

“Today, Angela Merkel is once again talking to Ankara about refugees from Syria. But maybe Putin would be the right person to talk to instead,” the newspaper wrote.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Ankara to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to discuss their assistance in the resolution of the refugee crisis for the third time this year.

While European states are “kissing Erdogan’s feet,” Turkey has a great opportunity to voice any conditions and requirements, which makes Europeans nervous.

Merkel’s visit to Turkey is nothing more than direct proof of her despair. The sad truth is, however, that neither Merkel, nor Erdogan and Davutoglu are able to resolve the current immigration crisis, given its scale, the newspaper wrote.

According to Tagesspiegel, Western countries were silently watching the events in Syria, convincing themselves that the conflict in the Middle East has nothing to do with them.

Now that the Syrian crisis has resulted in a huge wave of refugees, Merkel and other politicians are unable to cope with such a huge challenge.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel listens during a joint news conference with Romania's Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos (not pictured) at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, January 7, 2016.

Refugee Crisis: ‘Merkel Has Lost Contact With Reality’

A more effective solution for Europe would be a partnership with Russia, which has established itself as a key player in the Middle East region, the article said.

If Europe has to beg for help, maybe it should “fall on its knees in front of Vladimir Putin” rather than Erdogan who will prove useless in the resolution of the current crisis anyways, the newspaper concluded.




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