Britain stepped into 2016 while taking a military campaign against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in Syria that started a few months ago. Concerns are already rising among the Brits over the possible impacts that the so-called ‘war on terror’ will eventually lead to. Criticisms are now emerging against the government of Prime Minister David Cameron over its approach in dealing with the terrorists in Syria – and Iraq – without addressing the true cause of terrorism in the Middle East.   

Rodney Shakespear, a UK-based political analyst, has told Press TV that a sense of concern currently reins in London over the government’s plans to go to war against the Daesh. Shakespear said the British military campaigns in Syrian and Iraq against the terrorist group is doing little harm to it.

“We are deliberately failing to destroy the causes of Daesh (ISIL). The biggest cause is in fact Wahabism and the promotion of Daesh by Saudi Arabia and that is where the concern is,” he said.

“We are pretending to be doing something, but we are not prepared to grasp the nettle and turn around and say ‘Sorry Saudi Arabia, you are the cause and we are going to fight you in every single way we can’,” Shakespear said.

He said London will need to do this specifically given that the ISIL is today being considered as the greatest danger to the world.

“In the 1930s, this country (Britain) supported Hitler and then when Hitler got out of control, we said ‘We’d better fight!’,” he said. “That is now the situation. We have supported Daesh, we are supporting Saudi Arabia, we are supporting Turkey, we are supporting Qatar, we are supporting Israel.  All in the development of Daesh and now it is out of control except yet that we haven’t woken up to the fact that it is out of control,” added Shakespear.

He further said Britain will continue its current course in fighting the ISIL i.e. by pretending that it has engaged the terrorists militarily while refusing to deal with the key cause which is Saudi Arabia.

“Britain’s contribution to the so-called war on terror will continue as it is at the moment,” he said. “That is to say, pretending to do something and yet not having the guts to identify the true cause of Daesh and then do something effective about it,”

He said Britain’s support for the terrorists and their sponsors i.e. Saudi Arabia and others is part of a policy to suppress the true democracies in the Middle East.

“Britain is not going to change its course at the moment which is in practice to allow the war of Daesh to go on because there is a conspiracy to suppress any democracy in the Middle East and at the same time to smash up any country that shows any sort of independence,” said Shakespear.

“Therefore, we end up supporting Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”




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