For months, Saudi Arabia has been leading a bombing campaign against Shiite rebels in Yemen. Now foreign ground troops are joining the fight.

Why is Yemen so important to Saudi Arabia? Is this simply a proxy war involving Iran (Saudi Arabia’s regional rival)? And if it deteriorates further, how might the conflict affect the rest of the world?A regional struggle may be about to escalate. Saudi Arabia has 150,000 troops on its southern border with Yemen. A Saudi-led coalition is committing more military resources. This month, the United Arab Emirates sent in a military brigade to join the fight on the ground.

To discuss Yemen’s regional tension:

  • Baraa Shiban is a Yemeni human rights activist.
  • Mohammed Alyahya is a Saudi political analyst.
  • Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya he is a research associate at the Center for Research on Globalization

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