In Poland there occurred an incident which can seriously damage integrity of the North Atlantic Alliance and will considerably complicate interaction of the Polish Defence Ministry and the NATO military management. Overnight to December 18 representatives of the Polish Military Counterintelligence Service and the Ministry of Defence occupied the building of the expert centre of the Military Counterintelligence of the military block. They explained the actions by the change of the management.


“The representative of the department on creation of the NATO counterintelligence expert centre Bartolomey Misevich entered the new acting director colonel Robert Bala into the premises of the centre,” reported the Ministry of Defence of Poland. However, comments from alliance were not so reserved.

“Such actions can destroy one of the NATO few constant institutions in Poland,” warned the former Head of the Centre Krzysztof Dusha.

The event has no precedents, said the former Head of the defence establishment Tomasz Semonyak. “In the history of NATO there hasn’t been yet such an accident when one of the countries would attack one of the alliance’s establishments,” he emphasized. “Representatives of Macherevich (the acting Minister of Defence of the country) broke open the doors and tried to seize the NATO counterintelligence expert centre created by the agreement between the governments of Poland and Slovakia,” added the former minister. “It is an absolute scandal,” he concluded, having noted that by similar steps Poland undermines trust to itself on the international stage.

DONi News Agency