Heartbreaking Open letter from 14 years old Kurdish girl in Sur, Diyarbakir- Turkey to the international community: Please stop Kurdish genocide in Turkey.

Dear human right organisations around the world, United Nations, European Union human right commission, United States, United Kingdom, Russia and Australia.

We are sending these pictures & videos and are asking for help to stop Turkish violation in the majority of the Kurdish cities in Turkey. It’s been more than 21 days that the Turkish government has imposed curfews in Silopy, Cizira and Sur in Diyarbakir. They are not letting anyone to get out, no food, no medicine, no internet and no electricity.

Day and night they are shooting us from the sky & side by side. Everywhere is surrounded by dead bodies, hospitals become military headquarters and mosques have been destroyed. It has been more than 21 days that they didn’t let us get out, children started dying from yesterday because there was no food and water.
We ask the international community to act quickly to stop this genocide. The Turkish government are not letting any media group to enter the cities to make reports.

Please act quickly to stop this genocide.