Orbo oPhone

A mobile phone that NEVER needs to be charged?  Now that really WOULD be a revolution – and believe it or not apparently such a phone exists.  Last night the image below was posted on social media by Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy. This new device which has yet to be launched is called the oPhone (Orbo Phone), as it contains the Orbo powerpack inside which is alleged to continually replenish the battery without the need to connect it to mains power.

The Orbo powerpack inside is not powered by any conventional means such as solar or by capturing kinetic energy, nor does it harvest energy from radio frequencies but is based on Steorn’s patented technology which has been developed over the last twelve years. The technology is thought by many to be able to harness the zero-point energyfield (evidenced by the casimir effect).

The zero-point energy field contains enough energy in one cubic centimeter of space to boil away all of Earth’s oceans.

To Smartphone or Not?

The oPhone itself is no smartphone like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but what it lacks in touch screen it makes up for in it’s unique feature not available on any other phone presently on the market – a never ending source of power.  I actually quite like it’s cool black and red retro styling with the Orbo logo emblazoned on the front and so far on social media there has been a good response. Many potential markets are available to Steorn – right away you can easily see why this would be an invaluable device to take with you if you were away from a source of power for any length of time.


Never needs charging? – The Orbo oPhone

User Trials

A couple of weeks ago, Irish model Rachel Wallce aka oGirl (the face of Steorn’s marketing campaign) posted a very interesting Facebook status on her own page.

‘LOVING my ophone!! Hasn’t been charged once!!! And have charged my normal phone 3 times – UGHMAZING ‪#‎ophone‬‪#‎steorn‬ happy little ogirl – Rachel Wallace


OGirl in one of the promotional shots featuring the OCube.

OGirl in one of the promotional shots featuring the OCube.


LIVE Webinar II

It’s been a busy few days for Steorn as they complete filming and preparations for the second of their LIVE webinars on Wed 2nd Dec showcasing the Orbo technology. The upcoming webinar (now less than 48 hours away) will provide details on how and where to purchase their OCube technology as well as details on other products in the pipeline (one of which we now know is the oPhone).


With the addition of the oPhone that now takes the total number of consumer products powered by Orbo to three. The first product is an e-cigarette vaping pen marketed by Irish company Liquid Solutions. Steorn’s first product which is about to go on sale on Wednesday is the oCube – an Orbo powered USB charger and now in addition to that we have the first images of the oPhone.


Filming for the second Steorn webinar.

Filming for the second Steorn webinar.




Model Rachel Wallace aka OGirl with some “Battery is Dead” branded Champagne.

Orbo O-Cube

Source: http://freeenergy.news