European lawmaker Marie-Christine Arnautu, Vice President for Social Affairs of the National Front spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview regarding the downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force.

“Turkey has created a big problem by attacking the Russian aircraft, which was returning from a mission of combating the terrorists. Turkey has revealed its cards” Arnautu said in an interview.

She further said, “I just raised the question on my website and suggested not only strict sanctions against Turkey but also to stop to all negotiations regarding Turkey’s accession into the EU. It is quite clear that Turkey is sending weapons and money to the Islamists and leaves open its border, which is like a sieve for jihadists. In addition, after this unfortunate incident, which we have just seen I think that Turkey is indeed at war with those who are waging a war against terrorism.”

“This will be a good test for us… we are talking about war, we are at war… We have a pronounced enemy. Now the main question remains which country and what government is really willing to fight together in the first place against this enemy,” the lawmaker told Sputnik.

She added that fast action needs to be taken and according to her the position of French President Francois Hollande is still very blurred and uncertain.

“I think that the meeting between Putin and Hollande will be crucial. After this meeting Hollande will have to make the final choice. Will he give into the pressure of the financial groups; ultimately it all comes to a question of money and oil? Or will he dare to save France and Russia by helping the coalition that really wants to destroy Islamic fundamentalism and then will develop a real alliance with Russia and Syria,” Arnautu told Sputnik.