Swept in on a wave of liberal feeling, it seems Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has wasted no time in setting out his agenda for a new Canada. In a letter to his Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Trudeau outlined plans to “bring about real change” in Canada. Of course this is one of the reasons that Canadians voted for him in the first place. Change.

So what’s cooking in Canada?

Well it turns out Mr. Trudeau has some pretty radical plans, including the legalisation of weed, reducing the importance of religion and repeals to the firearms laws to reduce the number of guns available in Canada. In short, more drugs, less religion and less guns. Now that’s a manifesto I can get behind. Do you fancy being in charge here too Justin?

UPDATE: Trudeau has managed to legalize recreational marijuana as of 17th October 2018. People are now able to order weed from places like the Bud365 dispensary as long as you are within the regulations (i.e. don’t possess more than 30 grams of legal cannabis in public). There are various ways to purchase the newly legalized marijuana as it isn’t just in-store dispensaries that can sell marijuana, you can also buy it from an online dispensary canada. As long as you have valid ID, you will be able to get the weed delivered to you. Furthermore, it is important to remember that cannabis can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For example, some people prefer to smoke cannabis using a bong. Bongs are often a popular choice for marijuana smokers as there is a wide selection of bong prices and models out there to suit all budgets. This is also excellent news for cannabis growers. Aspiring marijuana farmers can now purchase seeds from the best seed bank in their area and get started growing their own supply.


Trudeau has come to power under a promise to reflect the values of a modern Canada which are; inclusion, honesty, hard work, fiscal prudence, generosity of spirit and to ensure gender parity.

The move to legalise weed has come under fire from an unlikely source however. Hells Angels have been protesting outside parliament because apparently any change in the law will cost organised crime hundreds of thousands of jobs (something I imagine will only make Trudeau keener to legalise the substance).

Trudeau is on a mission to make people happy, also promising to help prohibit discrimination against gender identities, while getting guns off the street. I really like this guy.


He’s also facing an issue in regards to organised religion, with 16 of his cabinet refusing to swear the nation’s religious oath, replacing religious references and leaving out the last line “So God help me”.


While some see him as an idealistic lefty, it’s clear that Trudeau is making a concerted effort to start his tenure as Prime Minister in a proactive fashion. Good luck Mr. Prime Minister.