The United States has been funding Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf allies to destabilize Iran, and the rest of the Middle East to the benefit of Israel, says a former US army psychological warfare officer.

Senior US officials in the administration of President Barack Obama such as CIA Director John Brennan, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder and others “are implicated in financing terrorism against Iran, against Syria, against Russia and against Libya,” said Scott Bennett.

Bennett made the comments in response to newly-leaked document dating to 2009 in which John Brennan– then applying for a job as a White House counterterrorism adviser having served in the CIA for 25 years– gives “recommendations to the next President on how to play the figures on the U.S.-Iranian Chessboard.”

WikiLeaks published Wednesday information the organization claimed it had obtained from an email account belonging to Brennan.

Brennan starts the document by an analysis of Iran’s “impact” in the region and how the United States should deal with it.

“Iran will be a major player on the world stage in the decades ahead, and its actions and behavior will have a major and enduring impact on near- and long-term U.S. interests on a wide variety of regional and global issues,” he writes.

“The United States has no choice but to find a way to coexist—and to come to terms—with whatever government holds power in Tehran,” Brennan furthers says.

Bennett told Press TV that Brennan’s emails reveal “the typical, fired and old US policy of backing Saudi Arabia and [Persian] Gulf nations against Iran, not on any other premise than money and oil.”

“[This] is a very sad and shallow and retarded attitude for any nation, because [the US] simply is backing the Wahabbists, regardless of the violence and the beheadings and the misogyny and the brutality behind the Saudi regime and a lot of the Salafi Wahabbist groups in that region,” Bennett said.

“So it’s a typical plot employed that Obama and Brennan and Hillary Clinton had used these Takfiri Saudi Wahhabist entities, funded them…. and sent them to destabilize the region,” he noted.

“Instead the United States should have been allying itself with the more cultured people of Iran and Syria and Russia. And instead we’ve allied ourselves with the brutal and ruthless regimes and simply it’s because of the Israeli Zionist motivation and influence in the US political sector,” he added.