This “is simply another part of a long story of the Saudi Arabia’s influence in the Washington D.C. circles of power in the State Department, in the military, and the universities there,” Scott Bennett told Press TV on Monday.

“It is very telling in looking at the geopolitical affairs as they are unraveling right now with regards to the Yemen war, it is very telling what the Saudi Arabians are really trying to do and that is Survive,” the analyst noted.

Soon every media outlet will pick up the story “and really expose that the Syrian refugee crisis that is flooding Europe, and the destabilization in Syria have all been caused by the Saudi Arabians and they are running to Washington, trying to cover their tracks and create a fog and a smoke screen they can hide with it,” Bennett predicted.

Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, made the comments in reaction to reports of a deal between Saudis and one of the most influential lobbying firms in the US.

The firm, dubbed Podesta, has close ties to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration and is headed by veteran Washington lobbyist Tony Podesta, who is also one of the major fundraisers for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Podesta is assigned with providing “public relations” and other services to the kingdom. The contract includes an initial payment of $200,000, paid last month, and further unspecified payments due next year, according to documents recently submitted to the US Justice Department Foreign Agents Registration Act office.

Bennett further pointed out that the Saudi monarchy is desperate to survive, “because they realize the regime is hanging on by a thread and that their only hope is to flood Washington D.C. with money and bags of money.”

According to the foundation’s website, Riyadh is among the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, contributing between $10 million and $25 million.

Bennett added that Clinton, among others, played an active role in financing terrorism in the Middle East and the results of her policies are now flourishing in the form of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, ISIL and other terror organizations in countries such as Syria and Iraq.

The pundit, who has seen firsthand evidence of former first lady’s influence in the process, said many of the whistleblowers in the case have been imprisoned upon order by Clinton and her former colleagues at the US State Department, once she was in office.

“It is going to be revealed when Hillary Clinton is indicted,” Bennett noted.