With the ongoing Russian anti-ISIL campaign in Syria, one no longer hears about US airstrikes in Syria; Washington is quickly losing its position in the international arena, while Moscow, on the contrary, is proving there is an alternative to a US-dominated unipolar world.

The United States has long been the undisputed hegemon, who dominated international relations and was involved in most key affairs around the world.

However, with the start of Russian airstrikes in Syria, it has become clear that the US-dominated unipolar world is falling apart at the seams, US political analyst and journalist Eric Best told Czech newspaper Parlamentnilisty.cz.

“Russia intervened in Syria to prove that a unipolar world has an alternative, and those who want to act have such an opportunity. And this opportunity is Russia,” Best said, as cited by the Czech newspaper.

Russia’s example that one could successfully act without the approval of the United States might become a wake-up call for other countries and regions, which haven’t decided yet whom to align themselves with. Previously, these countries were unwilling to go against Washington, as there was no real alternative to the US-dominated world, the political analyst explained.

And now none other than Jean-Claude Juncker himself, the President of the European Commission, was heard saying that the EU shouldn’t allow Washington to dictate its relations with Russia. Political experts have already said that if the EU were to start closer cooperation with Russia, it would be a disaster for the United States. The question is now: has the EU finally realized that it could gain more independence from Washington by working closer with Moscow?

Furthermore, Russia’s involvement in Syria has brought Washington’s controversial foreign policy into the spotlight. US political analyst Phil Butler noted that no less than the collective dignity of the United States is at stake in Syria right now.

Meanwhile, life has been hard for ISIL terrorists after Russia began pinpoint airstrikes against them in Syria following an official request from President Bashar al-Assad. Russia doesn’t hide the fact that it supports the government of al-Assad, stating that only his government and troops would successfully eradicate ISIL on the ground.

Although Russian airstrikes have been very effective in Syria, the US propaganda machine has portrayed the situation as if it creates a increased surge in refugees, Best continued.

“American propaganda is way stronger than Russian…” Best said, adding that right now the world is going through a harsh information war and attempts to portray Russia as a party responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe is nothing more than another media lie created by  US media, said Best, who is a renowned journalist himself.

It’s important to remember that before Washington got involved in Syria, funding and training a variety of Islamic rebels to fight the government of al-Assad, there were no Syrian refugees running to Europe.