Steorn will conduct the first in a series of Live product Webinars in just under 18 hours from now. The Webinars will feature pre-recorded footage, live demos of their O-Cube and the company will also field questions.

O-Cube Price

Since we first broke the news of Steorn’s re-emergeance there have been lots of questions from members of the public about how much it will cost for an 0-Cube. When you stop and think about it, it really is a very very unique product and technically should not even exist.  Kind of like owning a light sabre – it’s essentially a science fiction product brought to life.

Thankfully we will know very soon as overnight, Steorn responded to a question posed on their Facebook Page

“Best word of mouth advertising.What will be the unit price? I know the lads on construction sites would find this handy not to mention boaters etc, etc, etc.”

‘Hi Paul, we will be releasing details regarding pricing etc during tomorrows webinar. If you can’t get a chance to see it we will be posting the video on our facebook page the day after.’ – Steorn

So the O-Cube price will be revealed tomorrow, but the question you have to ask yourself is how much would I pay for a physics defying device and surely a collector’s item of what will surely be of historical significance like the first aeroplane or car. Some members of the public and indeed corporations would probably pay tens of thousands of dollars, although I suspect the actual price will be within most people’s reach.


The Live webinars featuring the O-Cube can be viewed from this link.

For those who are unable to be present for any of the Live webinars Steorn have said they will record them and make them available on their Facebook Page


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