UK is not going to share intelligence information of the positions of the ‘Islamic State’  in Syria with Russia. That was reported by the Russian ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko to the TV channel ‘Russia 24’.

According to him, the Russian government is actively negotiating with London on cooperation in the fight against ISIS, which means sharing of information about the positions of the terrorists. However, they haven’t succeeded yet in this work.

‘Unfortunately, I received a negative answer. The British replied that they would not cooperate with us on this issue,’ the ambassador said.

Also, the British side has refused to provide Russia with contacts of Free Syrian Army which the Russian Foreign Ministry intends to negotiate with. London said that the information was available to the Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, so there was no need to ask other countries.

On the 11th of October the Russian ambassador asked the British Foreign Office to share the coordinates of the objects which were under control of the ‘Islamic state’, as well as the contacts of the representatives of the Free Syrian Army. The Russian side expressed confidence that it could establish contacts between rebels and the Syrian government forces to coordinate their efforts in the fight against ISIS.