Finally, the content of the inaudible conversation between Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and PM David Cameron, filmed as they awaited President Xi Jinping’s arrival, has been revealed. Well, sort of…

A spoof from News Worth Sharing has improved the footage of the two men locked in dialogue by adding some hilarious subtitles.

Perhaps inevitably, the conversation includes personal jibes, insults and an obligatory reference to #piggate.

“Why did you take my quote about Bin Laden out of context?” asks Corbyn, referring to Cameron’s Tory party conference claim that the Labour leader is a “threat to national security” and a terrorist sympathizer.

“No comment,” Cameron replies.

Grow up,” Corbyn retorts.

Cameron says Corbyn doesn’t even pose “a threat to an ant,” but claims he made the comment to make Corbyn seem“unelectable.

Then the banter turns personal as Corbyn brings up the prime minister’s alleged sex act with a dead pig’s head while studying at Oxford.

Cameron was controversially alleged in a new, unauthorized biography by former deputy Tory party chairman Lord Ashcroft to have put a “private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig as part of an initiation rite for a private dinner club at Oxford University, the Piers Gaveston.

“If I wanted to attack you personally, all I’d have to do is talk about your Bullingdon Club antics, and what you allegedly did to that pig,” Corbyn says, referring to another elite Oxford club that Cameron has acknowledged being a member of.

After an embarrassed pause, the PM responds: “What I did or did not do back then is a private matter. Peer pressure leads one to do things one would not normally do.”

He adds: “I’m sure you’ve done some crazy things in your youthful days.”

“Absolutely,” says Corbyn.

“Including sticking things into a dead pig’s mouth.”

“No, Dave. I’d never do such vile things.”

Real lip-reading experts, brought in to analyze the conversation, suggested the PM and Corbyn may have actually been discussing something equally salacious, but about someone else.

The experts claim they saw Corbyn tell Cameron something is difficult “because that’s his ex-wife, who is also an ex-prostitute.”

It remains unclear who exactly the pair were gossiping about. The MailOnline claims Cameron quickly changed the subject.