A Labour councillor and former Big Brother contestant has been suspended following comments that appeared to link Israel to the 9/11 attacks and Islamic State.

Community leaders called for action after Kensington and Chelsea councillor Beinazir Lasharie was alleged by The Sun to have posted video on Facebook entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence service”.

She was reported to have written: “Many people know about who was behind 9/11 and also who is behind ISIS. I’ve nothing against Jews..just sharing it.” And later she took to the social network to add: “I’ve heard some compelling evidence about ISIS being originated from Zionists!”

A spokesperson for the Labour Party told the Jewish News she “was suspended this afternoon pending an investigation”. It’s believed to be the first suspension of an elected representative since the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

Simon Johnson, chief executive of the Jewish leadership Council, said earlier: “The Labour Party must take immediate action to suspend Cllr Lasharie. Her ridiculous comments are a dangerous incitement with no place in decent discourse”

Oliver Dowden MP said: “It beggars belief that these vile comments have come from an elected representative of the Labour Party

“She should apologise and resign immediately, and the Labour Party should have a full inquiry into how this person was selected in the first place. There is no room in public life for people who promote these racist lies.”

On Twitter, she wrote “Don’t believe everything you read or see, I don’t! I’ve been misquoted, look at my full profile before judging me. Thanks #peace”.