(RW) As per this latest video clip posted by an anonymous person on YouTube, the U.S presidential candidate Merlin Miller is being interviewed by the Press TV and his interview will undeniably shock you! If you are having doubt regarding the existence of this Press TV, then let us make it clear to you that Press TV is an Iranian news corporation regulated by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). The origin of this news channel clearly gives us the notion that they are steadfastly countering the western Propaganda but listening to the statements of Merlin Miller will make you believe that if there was no suppression by the higher powers, Millers each point would have been approved.


This man Merlin Miller initially tried his luck in 2010 when he founded his 3rd way party and then in 2012, he took part in the elections for the U.S Presidential Candidate but his fame never earned him his name. He hardly managed to grab 2713 votes out of 129,235,558 votes and these figures clearly state that approximately 0% votes when in his favour if we look at the bigger picture. But now the reason behind his unsuccessful goal is clearly his view about the U.S being controlled by Zionists.


On thorough analysis of the video clip, one would come to know that Merlin Miller might have slammed Zionists over 9/11 attacks but the main thing which is evidence is not shown by this man in this video clip. And of course believing a person without any evidence is tough nowadays. But the things he is talking about really do make sense if we think it over thoroughly.