Not Iran, China, Russia or N. Korea. Fact is, in a European poll, Israel was deemed to be the No1 threat to world peace. This should hardly be a surprise for no other country displays anything like the wanton disregard for international law as Israel does. Moreover, their capacity to inflict chronically disproportionate responses to what are alleged acts carried out by those who are every bit as occupied as the French were under the Nazis, truly beggars belief.

However, what perhaps is the mother of all eye-openers is the result of this poll has come at a time when Zionists have virtually full control over the flow of information. The entire mainstream media is their’s to do as they see fit. This fact is more astonishing than people may realise for had the media been independent & so free to report as they should, I can safely say only die-hard Zionists wouldn’t be marking x in Israel’s box.

Press TV has conducted an interview with political commentator James Morris to talk about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest remarks on Iran:


Why Israel Is A Threat To World Peace:




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