This is a good message! I’m sick of seeing millions of views on “popular” videos while an awakening is in Disparate NEED. We are at the precipice, we are at the edge, WE ARE THE GENERATION THAT THE ANCIENTS OF OLD HAVE PROPHESIED OF. I don’t know how else to say this, but if we as a generation don’t WAKE UP we will pass down a world for our children that isn’t worth living in. I can’t believe that this world wide denial has even continued as long as it has. We have grown sick. And our beautiful mother wants to heal us. But we need to remember her before she will remember us. We are all one, we are ALL connected.

There IS hope we are literally THE generation, that if we wake up in time, will decide on whether or not our children and there children even have a world worth living in. I can’t tell you just how privileged we are to live in this age, yet many will see it as a curse, spread the word, that we are more then what they say. Why not. The greatest thing I believe, is not to ask what brings life meaning- Instead I think it’s more like this:What meaning can my life bring to others.

If we spend our lives asking what meaning life can bring us, we will spend our lives in a universe that can never fulfill our deepest desires, can never offer to us the answers to our life long questions, and may never yield to us its secrets. Who am I? The most amazing question a little flame can ask is what does the universe mean to me? What do I mean to it?There is nothing in this world that can bring us happiness, but instead we bring forth our own happiness by loving our self and therefore loving others. And I’m not talking about smoochy love, Not the warmness “felt” perceived love, but the selfless, giving, and willing to suffer for the betterment of others part of love.

It’s time to wake up now, we can only turn a blind eye to our global crisis for so long, sooner or later we’re going to have to face the music. I think we’re all looking for a savior, a hero, or in the majority of the western mind set is we will be rapture, and therefore we are not responsible for the devastation our earth is in. Well I got news, we’re stuck here, and if we don’t deal with it, our children will, or their children. It’s time to take personal control over our own lives, reclaim our humanity, and build a new world. It’s not long, it’s just around the corner, we will all wake up.



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