Sometimes i feel like NEW WORLD ORDER is better for our world:-

ONE RELIGION ( If we have only one religion than people won’t kill eachother in the name of religion. All of us will have only one religion “love”)

ONE NATION ( If we have only one nation than we will be free to travel anywhere on this earth without any visa without any difference in value of currencies, everyone will be able to go anywhere in this world)

ONE CURRENCY ( If we have only one currency than people won’t feel proud of themselves they are above other country people with less value of money of their money. Everyone will feel at same level)

ONE GOVERNMENT ( If we have only one government than no one will be able to manipulate people of that country with laws which benefit only them)

ONE LAW ( If we have only one law than people won’t suffer because of different laws in different countries, law will be same all over the earth, people will be free to do what they want)

What are your thoughts on this let me know?




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