Know who you are?

You arrived here a long time ago.
You knew why.
You were on a mission.
You were connected.
You were bold.
You had your powers.
You had your way.


As time passed by, you started to forget.
You started to feel insecure.
Your connection weakened.
You began to lose your powers.
You let yourself be convinced that your way was wrong.

You felt sad.
You felt unsatisfied.
You felt depressed.
You felt angry.
You felt lost.

There were times when you didn’t find any sense.
And were losing your inner guidance and your inner faith.
You dived deeper and deeper in your inner darkness.

It might have been or might have not been so …

Don’t cry, Starchild.
We are here for you.
We feel you.
Now you feel us too.

And we …
came Here
for You.
(to be continued)



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