The X-37B unmanned space drone can takeout any enemy communication satellite in the event of a war. Without communication enemy can’t coordinate attacks on enemy.

The plane, known as the X-37B, resembles a mini space shuttle.


Just what the plane was doing has been the subject of sometimes spectacular speculation.

Several experts have theorized it carried a payload of spy gear in its cargo bay.

Other theories sound straight out of a James Bond film, including that the spacecraft would be able to capture the satellites of other nations or shadow China’s space lab.

The X-37B program has bounced between several federal agencies, NASA among them, since 1999.

The plane has been in space for a total of 674 days, far more than its two previous flights which lasted 225 and 469 days.

The program’s first mission launched in April 2010 and landed in December that year.

The second space plane took off on March 2011 and came back to Earth in June 2012.




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