Hello Dear Awakened One’s In The World We Are Anonymous.

We have watched over you in the past years and we have seen your progress of understanding the World we are living in. We’ve seen you gather into groups and begun fighting the corrupt system. All of you programmers, workers, engineers, police officers, hackers, all of you have gathered in small groups and shared your knowledge to what is wrong with this world and what can be done to change it.

However you have made a critical mistake. The information you have must be spread world wide and all over the Internet. Not just into your groups.

The people that have joined those groups already know the truth or most of it. The most known Anonymous group on facebook has about 900,000 people.Do you think that is enough compared to mister Barack Obama’s facebook page?

Our job is to provide evidence to the people that want to see the truth, and spread of knowledge for the people that have no idea of what is going on. For you see people are not ignorant, they are uniformed or dis-informed. So you need to inform the people that are still asleep, watching everyday Tv, entertainment shows. The are millions of people that spend their time talking about foolish things about what celebrities do. Wake them up, show them and provide to them the evidence needed so they can see what reality is. of-course most of them will ignore you.

But just think how many people we can awake if we start spreading the truth all over those pages in which people are just wasting their time.
Spread the word and let everyone know what their mission is. We don’t need to fight those corrupt politicians, those bankers. Those same people that are trying to enslave the World. Because a well informed, fearless and brave citizen is an impossible target for the New World Order.
They know very well they cannot control free men. No matter what laws they create or false flag operations they try.
Let’s help our brothers and sisters.
Let’s create a New World. A world of peace and justice, A World of reason, a World in which every man has everything needed so we can evolve together.
The human spices is a living organism and evolution cannot be stopped.
Rulers of the World you are holding us back. You cannot hold evolution back. You are in the way and you will be removed once and for all.



We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion
We Do Not Forget
We Do Not Forgive
They Cannot Stop Us
They Cannot Stop The Future




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